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Submission Rules

Please submit completed works, sketches and any uncompleted work is not accepted in the universe folders. There is a LINEART AND PENCIL folder for these submissions. Please understand this rule.

1. Only 3 Entries per month - submissions are voted upon by moderators. If your submission is Expired it means it did not receive enough votes to be added to the gallery; if this happens you're welcome to re-submit. If your submission is DECLINED please first ensure that your submission was a) a Marvel property and b) in the CORRECT folder of the gallery. If you have made a folder mistake you are welcome to re-submit.

2. Marvel Universe characters must be present in the image/prose/poem. DC, Image, etc characters MAY be in the submission, but they MUST be accompanied by a Marvel character. Those are better submitted to the Crossover Folder.

3. This is a FAN ART gallery, however, that does not mean you may copy, trace, reuse, or repost other artist's work. Only submit your own work. Any copied artwork will be removed. THIS INCLUDES collages and photo-manipulations that don't show significant creative effort.

4. Please only submit clear, high-quality images of your work. If you must take photographs ensure that they are of the highest quality to showcase your work.

5. Be respectful of your fellow group-members
and enjoy the Group experience! This group is meant to be a safe space for all members and visitors, if you see a submission that is unacceptable or offensive please do not hesitate to contact an administrator explaining and we will deal with it immediately.

Any Infractions of these rules will result in a warning and the removal of the artwork from the gallery. Repeatedly submitting a piece that does not follow these guidelines will result in your removal from the group. If you re-join you will be banned.









Group Info

We're a group of Marvel (Comics) Fans. This can be anybody who reads the comics, plays the games, watches the movies, anything. You don't need to be a hardcore comic fan or anything, you don't need to know every plot in the marvel universe. Just enjoy what you enjoy. (:
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Apr 20, 2008


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Fan Club

15,273 Members
14,597 Watchers
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Greetings true believers :wave: ! Hi, I'm TheStrategos and I'm one of the junior mods here at marvel-fans. Every day, I find that several members have submitted their entries to the wrong folder, leading to a rejection. This is really sad considering the work and love which has gone into each and every work submitted here and so I've knock together a quick guide so that you can avoid making the same mistakes!

The first rule, which applies to all folders, is that we do not accept tracings or straight copies of another's work. Each submission must at least have some content which has sprung from your own creativity or else it is liable to be either declined straight off or removed at a later date.

The second rule is that at least one Marvel character must feature in any given submission - it is a Marvel fans group after all!

The third rule is that you MUST submit a resonable quality digital image of your fanart, be that scanned or photographed. For instance, low-resolution images of your fanarts in bad lighting will lead to an automatic rejection.

The fourth rule is that, in order to provide a group in which all members will feel comfortable to browse the galleries and be associated with, we do not accept submission which:
1. Depict situations of non-consent.
2. Feature slurs or similar demeaning and/or hateful language.
3. Features racist, sexist or homophobic content.
4. Improperly filtered NSFW work.

Moving on, here is a list of our folders and the rules pertaining to each one, so that you may select the correct one to submit your work to.

Featured: Featured is a mods choice folder and it is important to note that there is no guarantee that ANY submission made to this folder will be accepted. The folder is designed to represent the very best of Marvel fanart and is decided by three personal votes from the moderator team. It is also important to note that we do not accept collaborations in this folder, no matter how awesome they are. That includes work which has been pencilled, inked and coloured by different individuals. Finally, please be aware that we do not accept unfinished or WIP submissions to this folder.

Linearts and Pencils: Does what it says on the tin. ALL work which is not coloured, be that inked work, pencil lineart or graphite shaded work, MUST be submitted here. The only exception to this rule is that, if we see a piece of graphite shaded work of an exceptional degree of quality and with a full range of tonal values, we might allow it to be submitted to another folder. However, much like featured, that decision is very much a matter of personal judgement on behalf of the mods and, in order to make certain that your submission will be accepted, it is far safer to submit to Linearts and Pencils.

Villains: ALL fanarts of villains must be submitted here. That even includes those who are normally attached to a particular hero - i.e. Winter Soldier to Captain America. Submitting a picture of Winter Soldier to Captain America will lead to a rejection and it must be submitted to Villains. As a caveat, this rule is more flexible if the particular villain also fits into an anti-hero persona, such a Kid Loki or Black Cat. In this instance, Mixed Marvel Heroes is an equally valid folder to submit to. Also, if your villain is fighting a hero, the appropriate folder for your submission is the one to which the HERO belongs, not the villain.

Fanfiction: ALL fanfiction must be submitted here. A submission of written-word fanart to any other folder will be rejected. This rule, of course, does not apply to fan-made comics.

Cross Over: ALL submissions featuring characters not owned by Marvel Comics must be submitted to this folder. That includes submissions featuring characters from other comics companies, such a DC's Batman, or indeed your own OC. Again, it must be noted that, unless your submission contains at least ONE Marvel character, it will be rejected.

Avengers -Groups-: This folder is emphatically NOT simply for characters who have been or are Avengers. This folder is for fanarts featuring AT LEAST TWO past or present Avengers, such as a fanart depicting Captain America and Iron Man. Please note that a villain or associated character will NOT make up the numbers, for instance Captain America fighting Baron Zemo or Iron-Man talking to Pepper Pots.

Captain America, Daredevil, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron-Man, Punisher, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine and X-Men: These folders are for full-colour fanarts of the characters in the folder title i.e. Punisher fanarts belong in the Punisher folder. These folders can also receive submissions of non-villainous characters attached to the folder-title's hero. For instance, fanarts of Mary Jane Watson can be submitted to Spider-Man.

Three extra points must be made about the X-Men folder. First, Wolverine and Deadpool, though mutants, have their own folders and, unless the fanart features these characters with another appropriate mutant, X-Men is not the correct folder for it. Second, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, though mutants, only briefly served in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants before becoming full-time Avengers. Therefore, a submission of fanarts depicting either of these two will be declined and they belong in either Avengers -groups- or Mixed Marvel Heroes depending upon the submission. Thirdly, purely villainous mutants, such as Sabretooth, belong in Villains and a submission to X-Men will meet with a rejection.

Mixed Marvel Heroes: This a folder for all full-colour depictions of single heroes or groups which do not fit into any other folder. For instance, a fanart of Luke Cage or the Guardians of the Galaxy would belong here, as they have nowhere else to go. If unsure about your submission, this is best place to submit to.

I hope this clears things up but, if anybody has any questions, please don't hestitate to ask. The mods here are all really friendly and more than happy to help :D !

Reposting this blog entry because there have been A LOT of recent submissions directed straight to the featured folder lately.
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I'm unsure why my submission was declined? It is of Guardians of the Galaxy characters and I submitted it to Mixed Heroes like it says to... So...?
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Hey Marvel Fans, glad to be part of this group. Hope to show and see some great fan art :)
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Very interesting fanfic I liked ^_^ All I wish to read ))


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Harry OsbornxEllie Jones (OC) - THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2…


Ellie Jones is a poverty-stricken, sarcastic sixteen year old just trying to scrape up enough money to keep the shabby apartment her and her mother share. She isn't prepared when an accidental mix-up happens at Oscorp, and suddenly she's the new assistant of Harry freaking Osborn. Nothing prepared her for bratty, filthy rich heirs of multi-billion dollar corporations. HarryOC

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I am unsure where to place my Ms. Marvel deviation. 
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I was wondering, in what folder would a scarlet witch drawing need to be placed?
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