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We're a group of Marvel (Comics) Fans. This can be anybody who reads the comics, plays the games, watches the movies, anything. You don't need to be a hardcore comic fan or anything, you don't need to know every plot in the marvel universe. Just enjoy what you enjoy. (:
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Apr 20, 2008


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Interview with Eternal-Violet-Void

Wed Jan 21, 2015, 7:51 PM
Today, I interview a deviant who is a huge idol in the reader insert community, as well as a very dear friend.

Fe0: Hello, Meg! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.

Eternal-Violet-Void: Hello. Thank you, I am pleased to be here.

Fe0: What can you tell me about your first day on DeviantArt?

Eternal-Violet-Void: My first day on DA...Was...Mostly spent exploring all the amazing talent from the site. I mainly was intrigued by the very well done writing, in the literature section; Which was actually where I stumbled upon reader inserts. And found them very enjoyable, which is what inspired to try & create my own.

Fe0: And create you did! Did you ever expect that you would come this far? I mean, you are a very popular writer here.

Eternal-Violet-Void: I did not expect to gain the amount of watchers I did. All through my writing adventure, I have met very amazing, and kind, and supportive Deviants. The concept of being popular doesn't really register in my head; I more view it as having an amazing group of friends, that occasionally like to read the crap that I write.

Fe0: Aw. Well, you have a lot of friends. :lol:

Eternal-Violet-Void: *Laughs* Well, I guess that you could say that. They are all very lovely people.

Fe0: What did you originally see yourself doing on DeviantArt? I mean, before you discovered the reader insert community?

Eternal-Violet-Void: I pretty much saw myself as an art stalker. I thought that I would mostly just be the idle fan, who favorited on everything, and commented on everything, and had my own little heaven of art & writing to retire to, after a long day.

Fe0: That's nice. So, what does you creative process look like?

Eternal-Violet-Void: My writing process is full of research, denial, procrastination and sleeping. *Giggles* It's funny, because my ideas come from literally anywhere, like I have complained about to my watchers. I will sometimes get an idea, while writing from an old idea. And then I will have to write that idea, before I forget it. And then I will get a new idea, from that idea, and it just keeps going. So, I feel quite horrible, when I haven't given my watchers something to read for weeks.

Fe0: So, your writing process is similar to a domino affect of ideas & concepts?

Eternal-Violet-Void: Correct.

Fe0: Are there any reader insert writers, that really stand out to you as an inspirational artist?

Eternal-Violet-Void: Yes, mikinataka is a wonderful, wonderful writer, she is a huge inspiration. I really suggest everyone check her out, all of her work is really phenomenal.

Fe0: I am going to be sure to visit her profile & gallery.

Eternal-Violet-Void: She really is quite amazing.

Fe0: Do you have any strange writing habits?

Eternal-Violet-Void: It seems, for me personally, that I can only write in total seclusion & isolation, as well as I usually have to have a genre of music, whatever genre that relates to the genre of my story, blasting through my headphones.
I also have a homemade storyboard, that I pin random ideas on. At the moment, it is full of ideas for my 'Outlast' story. Most of the note cards pinned on it, are ideas & descriptions for character deaths, which really horrify my family & friends.

Fe0: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment, as an artist & writer?

Eternal-Violet-Void: My greatest accomplishment?!

Fe0: Yes!

Eternal-Violet-Void: Yikes! I don't know...Um...Okay, I think when I started branching out into other fandoms, was kind of like almost a maturing point in my writing, instead of just sticking with The Avengers, as my literature focus. Branching out to things like Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, etc. was a step in the right direction, for my writing. And I was able to grow and learn, and receive even more advice & support from the Deviants in those fandoms, which was very helpful.

Fe0: How did you choose your username?

Eternal-Violet-Void: I wanted something unique, but it was really hard for me to think of anything that I could see myself using forever. But kind of how it came to be is that my favorite color is lavender, and everyone will just say purple, and another word for purple is Violet, and so I just decided to fit Violet in there somehow. I wasn't sure how to do it, but one day Eternal-Violet-Void just came to me, and I kind of thought on it, and then decided that Eternal-Violet-Void would be my username for everything.

Fe0: That's lovely, as is your username. :) 
Is there a certain type of scene that's harder for you to write than others?

I have to say that actions would be the hardest for me. I picture a scene in my head and fall in love with the imagery, but trying to transfer the excitement onto a document is a big challenge for me.

Fe0: Yes, action scenes can be tricky. On a deeper subject, Is there one subject you would never write about as an author?

Eternal-Violet-VoidUm...You know, I don't think so. I'm a pretty open person and writer; I think the only thing I would not go near is anything related to hate speech.

Fe0: That is very impressive, that you would be willing to attempt to conquer anything, as a writer. :)
I know that you started with The Avengers, but also that you are a very creative writer in multiple fandoms. Is there a fandom that you prefer to write from, or one that you enjoy writing from more so than the others?

Well, thank you. :) (Smile) 
You know, there really isn't any favoritism between the fandoms I'm involved in. I try my best to write equally for each of them. I enjoy writing for all of the fandoms; Hopefully I can even branch out to more fandoms one day.

Fe0: You are very welcome!
Are there any fandoms that you have considered branching out to, at the present point in time?

I'm actually in the process of working on a short insert for the Transformers fandom. I think I might try to poke into the Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, and Pretty Little Liars (Once I finish the books) for a bit. To be honest, when I discover a new fandom, I'll usually do at least one insert, even if it's horribly late.

Fe0: Hunger Games is a very dynamic one to do. The concept can be stretched, ripped apart & recreated in so many ways, especially with crossovers. It's an amazing way to grow; And Jurassic Park would likely be very interesting.
What do we have to look forward to from you, now that we are in 2015? I mean, there is a whole year of E-V-V that everyone is excited to read. :D

Eternal-Violet-VoidI agree, and that's why it interests me so much. There seem to be endless possibilities; And yes, I believe many exciting twists and turns can be created within Jurassic Park. 
For 2015, you can expect stories, that's for sure. Maybe nothing terribly exciting, but I am thinking about opening up commissions/and/or/requests at some point. Hopefully this will be the year I can branch out to more fandoms.

Fe0: Your gallery also features the occasional poetry. Do you think that we may see more of that from you, in this, the new year?

Eternal-Violet-Void: Um...I would assume so. My poetry is kind of an emotional outlet for me, although I must say, I am staring to very much enjoy writing poetry, so I definitely think that there will be more to come in the future.

Fe0: What do you consider to be the strongest point in your writing?

Eternal-Violet-Void: *Laughs* Wow. The strongest point?

Fe0: Yeah.

Eternal-Violet-Void: Um...Hmm... ...It's not necessarily much to do with the more writing point of it, but I have to say thinking of ideas, and coming up with all these ideas, and organizing these ideas, is my strongest point. Like I said before, I get ideas out of everywhere, and I like to picture them as if  it was a movie, which gives me the opportunity to have great attention to detail.

Fe0: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors, or hobbyist writers?

Eternal-Violet-Void: Write what you want to read; Write what excites you; Don't feel confined to write in a perfect style; Don't feel like you have to have a set of rules, when writing; Don't fret when you get stuck it'll come back to you; Write that scene ( You know the one ) the one that you can't wait to get to.

Fe0: That's all very good advice.
Is there anything you want to end with, before we go?

Eternal-Violet-Void: I would like to thank you for this amazing opportunity, and thank my watchers for taking the time out of their day, to stop by & read the crap that I write. I love each & every one of you.

Fe0: Okay, thank you, Eternal-Violet-Void. And thank you, to everyone reading!


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